How to Manage Your Time

I find a way to manage my time here and there. Finally, I found a nice stuff from the net. Those things  can change your lifestyle. And also can save your valuable time. Time its about 24 hours per day , which you already have.


“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” ― H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Nowadays most of us try to be hyper-productive. I know at that time also you believe, reading this long article will be waste your time. So I'm not going to write further. Let us move to this small video clip. It will show the way.

12 ways to start the day with a smile

The first minutes of the day seem much more important than they are. Beginning the day with a smile, her joy and energy to cope with is the first step. And we know that this is how things are better, right?

Some people wake up in a bad mood, and others who choose to smile has opened some eyes. If you lean to the second option, this article is for you.

We offer 12 ways to start the day with a smile. After you apply, you 'll feel very happy to meet your routine is. Move ahead,Start today to smile in the morning and you will see how everything changes .

No. 12 Andante a quiet sleep
This proves that quiet sleep and wake up happy in the same way to help. Late in the evening so no problem. Rest and relax.

No. 11 early Acostate
More sleep you and you have been able to rest better, being cheerful in the morning. So you know: andate to sleep early and your awakening will change quickly

No. 10 Time to wake up with
If you go out in a hurry and you're going fast it's hard to be happy as you have to take the habit of waking up. Slept enough, you spend a few minutes in the morning before your alarm for the time you need to use. You 're going to see how to improve your mood.

No. 9 lots of water
This awakening is the first thing that you need to drink plenty of water. Hydrate revitalizes the body and refreshes the mind in the morning. Leave hands and take a bottle of water.

No.8 Fresh air breathing
One of the first things we do when we wake up is giving way to the natural light. Lamp Nothing, opened the window and let fresh air to renew your bedroom.after when you wake up a little bit.

No 7 do not get up immediately
Many times we hear the wakeup alarm.  Even if you take your time to find the rest. Stretch, breathe and stand up slowly.

No. 6. Think positive
Having a morning motivation, however small, helps us to have a happy awakening. No matter if it 's a job, a meeting, or a trip with friends again. Nothing good awaits us knowing that beats the feeling of waking up day. No?

No. 5 Do not forget to smile
Yes, it may seem a little forced. In the morning is to laugh for no reason? not an issue! It has proved that laughter brings more happiness. Because you like in the mirror and smile then you excited about your own energy.

No. 4 Exercises
So, drink water and exercise are the most important activities to start a happy day. The gym no weight lifting or need to go for hours. Any activity that gets your body moving will make you feel more energetic, happy and confident

No. 3 I choose my clothes  before the night
If those who wake up early in the SOS, no doubt, it's going to help. The night before, with more time, some get it and leave it ready to prepare well. In the morning you 'll have a bit more time for you. Try it!

No.2 A Social Network
It is an increasingly common practice. The first thing we have to wake up and call hold. No! This is a big mistake. It connects us with the routine, earrings and concerns. For the time dedicated, and then log on with the rest

 No.1 Volvé watch
most of us wake up with the phone. an advice? Watch despedite rediscover your phone before going to bed a little longer. At the time that you do not have to take out of reach.

You know: the first minutes of morning start and a happy smile every day are required to remove. Tell us, with a smile your way to start the day, what is?

And happy to go to sleep: 7 to finish the job with a smile to your day ideas

Top 10 Tips to Impress Your Girlfriend

This very fine it is easy to get a girlfriend, but it becomes very troublesome to maintain it's called. A woman it is difficult to understand, but in actual sense they are very easy, you just have to take care of the little things, and then it becomes very easy to go with them is. You want a good and healthy relationship, your partner needs to know some basic things about you and him and your relationship can easily amuse. You love your girl and always want to be with him, you should know the things that make her happy, and even things that would force him to fall for you. You fall for your girl then you can consider making some points that are given below

 01 Show Your Love 

 There is no doubt that you love him, but he does know how. Saying I love you is probably not enough. You believe that you really need to make love to her. Many people are very bad at showing your love. Most of the guys are not able to express my feelings in appropriate ways. If you do not express it, no matter how much you love your girl, love is not. Girls love to know how much you love. How abundant you like him, miss your girl ever day. Tell him I, her favorite flower can chocolates and as many times as you love one day to tell him why he is so special for you. And to show you learn to express your love, then you already have conquered the heart of your girl

02. Bring him gifts 

 Gifts, especially like girls, they love to receive gifts. So whenever you two meet after a long period Do not forget to gift her one. You love your girlfriend need to get to know and then gift. He is planning to love this. Despite his busy schedule, your partner manages to buy a gift that even the thought of a girl happy. Just as soon as possible to go to the store and buy your girl, her favorite thing. The value of the gift that matters, it's not your girl feel happy that your gift is hidden behind. Little budget oriented, you simply her favorite flower, the love that you can get chocolates.

03.His surprise 

surprise _socialwebfox

The girls are very fond of surprises. Then go for it. There are many ways to surprise her. You know, if you cook too (you can cook for him, you can send flowers to your office or some letters, without telling him, go to his house to meet him or her for dinner take and can arrange everything for him). These small things will make your girl happy and he surely you will start to love it even more. A girl always wants to be her boyfriend unexpected. These days it can be a bit surprised, and this way you can get close to his heart .

04 Taken to her favorite place

 Her favorite place, the place where he feels happy to take your girl.  That place can or can not be your preferred place. it's not the matter. just do it.For example, if your girl loves shopping, then took her for the shopping. While it is quite frustrating for you, but what you can make him happy. You spend some wonderful moments, where you can for your favorite movie or some can take him to the beach. This way he will realize that his priorities are important to you. This sentiment eventually will make him love you more

05 Appreciation

Everyone likes praise, and admiration is done by your partner, then it makes you happy. If you appreciate your girl, she definitely will feel very happy. Thus, your girl never lost a chance to appreciate. Her clothes, her face, her hair, her stuff, or anything that you can appreciate. It is also the best way to impress the girl. Girls love to hear that they are beautiful. She is the most beautiful girl you've ever seen that show him. But you always need to remember, should be within the range of praise, or else it may seem unrealistic. Praise should not be fake.

 06. Respect

Mutual respect is the root of any relationship. Love, then there must be respect. We talk about a girl, especially when, Paramount respect is significant. If you own the girl, and also the need to respect the other girls. And you have to respect him. One of the hallmarks of a girl every boy should respect the requirement. Her feelings, her judgment, her life is to respect, and in return, you will gain respect and love for yourself.

07. With his family dissolution

Family, especially for a girl, a very important part of life. You want to impress a girl, you can start with your family. They are influenced by, you automatically will affect the girl. Thus, her parents, brother,  and sister started talking and are entangled with them. You can plan an outdoor picnic with your family and your might. Seeing the love in your heart for her family and of course to impress the girl will bring you two closer.

08. Him

Girls love talking. If you need a good ear. It's a girl in your life and your problems for which there is no support. You have a girlfriend, you need to listen to her as well. Whether the office at all times and gossip colony or have some serious family issues. You always say that you need to pay attention to. His problems for some proper advice and gossip to try to respond properly. This way he will feel very comfortable talking to you. Talking and listening to each other builds a relationship, remember.

 09. Give it time 

 Allowing time for your partner and the relationship is very important. You do not have time for a relationship, you should not be. Most of the girls do not have time for me, the only complaint. This is the best thing you can give him. You have enough time to get your girl this way, try to adjust their work. Bring home your office work and always do not try to spare a few hours on the weekend. It is always important in any relationship that is time. To give you an hour to ensure that the daily minimum. This could be an hour on the phone, or you can go and meet him. If possible you can take a break from work for both of you out of the station and arranged a surprise visit. Doing this, you, you love her a thousand times may increase.

10. Love her 

 It is the most important thing in order to impress her love. You just talk and is not no love, spend time with him, it will surely bore him. Every girl wants to be your partner romantic. Thus, it is very important to love. You cuddle, hug him, kiss him, should all of these little things will make him happy and to keep your relationship healthy. Always remember, that some high-class show-offs instead of girls or materialistic things, it tells you how much he loved those little things that feel happy. So, kissing and hugging like to spend time alone with him most of the simplest ways to go. It definitely affected him and would bring about.

Top six Makeup Tips

Who does not want to get a dub eye? No matter if at home, but to go to the party, go shopping or even office make-up is important. Makeup tips if you know about all the details closely so you can easily tack-acne on your face, freckled, stains, and even traces of Aging also can hide.

Keep in mind that any heavy makeup to your face may not look smart and young. Makeup should always be light. Heavy makeup can damage the skin's health.

Simple and light make-up are three spells - sunscreen, mascara, and lip gloss. Let us know the six simple tips to make (Makeup Tips), which will bring glow in your heart.

Start with Sunscreen

Young look like drops of dew on the facial skin freshness and luster is necessary. Whether rain or strong sunlight, face every day, the first habit of applying sunscreen.

Tinted Moisturizer If your skin is dry then a sunscreen (SPF 50) In any case, keep. The Foundation will work. If your skin is oily, wash the face with warm water and then sunscreen and keep dry.


Concealer facial acne, blemishes and dark circles under the eyes is best to hide. Remember to always use the same skin tone concealer that match. The knuckle of the middle finger or the ring finger in it and put it on the face. Then spread by a sponge.

Find the same spots on the face concealer where it is most needed. For instance, under the eye, next to the nose and cheeks. Hey, if the fingers especially difficult spots concealer brush can be used.

Considerations (Things to Check with Concealer)

    If the skin is dry and keep the liquid concealer.
    Solid concealer to hide blemishes is the best.
    Choose liquid or cream based foundation after applying concealer.
    Do not much concealer. Concealer is not meant to face masks to light tint.


Find Tinted Moisturizer or foundation on the face. Foundation can use to locate the foam sponge. The difference in color of skin where the foundation should be mirrored.

Dry winter skin of the cheek and the skin its natural color is lost. Tinted Moisturizer or foundation on the cheeks in these days can be invested. Foundation brings gloss in skin tones.

Considerations (Things to Check with Foundation)

     Mind Foundation must be perfectly matched to your skin tone.
     Bring glows to the face before applying foundation and keep moisture.
     Dark skin tone, if not Hide Light Color Foundation.
     Yellow tinge to the skin with light orange tint should Foundation.


The shape and texture of the face motivate cheeks blush. It usually means dimples to look rosy cheeks bulge portion is fitted. The highlighter pen or brush to apply blush can use.

Considerations (Things to Check with Blush )

    Always keep in mind the skin tone blush.
    If pink is your skin tone and keep the natural color blush.
    Use the brush to apply powder blush.
    Use the sponge to apply cream blush.
    Keep makeup kit 3-4 Shade Blush colors such as Rose Pink, Natural Pink, pink and purple.

Eyeliner, Eye-shadow and Mascara

After finishing face eyes look comes to makeup. Facial beauty is in the eye moves bloom beautifully. To outline the beauty of the eyes or eyelids to rise comes from. This figure comes from the emergence Eyeliner.

There are many ways of applying eyeliner, makeup expert in the beauty of the eyes has been divided into three parts I. Basic (Basic Eye), Smokey Eye (Smoky Eye) and Kat Eye (Cat Eye).

Basic Eye has put eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelids. Big and small eyes, eyeliner or pencil may be the look of the larger or smaller. May want to apply eye shadow. Mascara does thicken eyelashes. The eyes are large and putting it looks beautiful. Mascara  eyelashes are fitted underneath.

Considerations (Things to Check with Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, and Mascara)
    Find the eyebrow such thin eyeliner eyes look so small. Eye shadow along the lower lid and keep on eyelashes. Find kohl pencil up and down on either side.
    If the eyes are sunken eyes bulge inwards to bring the eye up and down on both mascara pencil Find Lids. Choose dark color eye shadow at eyebrow bone.
    Eyes bigger dark eyeshadow on the lid, so I put him on top eyebrow Blend it.

Lip liner, lip gloss, lip balm or lipstick
What kind of treatment is to the lips depends on you. No lip liner just driving to work takes a colorful lip gloss on the lips and a lip balm imposes. According to experts, much better than lipstick lip gloss makeup is colorful.

Silky soft lips with lip gloss and keep Nonstiki. Lip gloss on the lips in the vitamin-E does not flake and become beautiful lips appear.

Considerations (Things to Check with Lip Liner, Lip Gloss, Lip Balm or Lipstick)

    Not thick lips lip gloss; it appear larger, are more lips.
    If the lips are thick lips on the edge of the lips by applying lip liner just highlights.
    Look good on both sides of the lips by applying concealer comes.
    And her matching pink lip gloss on the lips Sees bloom.
    Find a coat of lipstick after applying lip gloss.
    The size of the lips to the edge of the lips, lip liner pencil is not properly highlighted in shape before it. Two shades of the same color on the lips and keep lipstick. Dark and Light Shade Shade Fill out the thicker portion of the thin lips part.


Love or love is a feeling. Love of many emotions, which is a mix of attitudes toward happiness from mutual affection is extended. These include a strong sense of charm and personal engagement. It's a pity, emotion and affection may be considered a method of presentation. To yourself, or to an animal, or a person to act or show love to say affectionately. If you would love to say that our lives are changed.
The ancient Greeks identified the four types of love: the kinship, friendship, romantic love, desire and divine. Love is often compared with lust and mutual respect is as bent with romantic overtones, love, friendship, or are bent from solid friendship. Love is a feeling that a man normally feels for another man.
As Love
•    Impersonal love
An object, a person, or element, or goals are or who they can love whom she appreciates Judah. Man an object, animal or even love can work with which he feels a personal connection and wants to keep himself related. Love is not like the usual impersonal love, the spirit of man is the vision of the mental attitude towards others forced a peace which is generated compassion, patience, forgiveness, and grace, and is expressed by . Impersonal love or in the normal sentence an individual to behave towards others is called. why, impersonal love for an object is based on man's thinking.
•    Mutual love
Mutual love between human beings is love. It is not just the desire for each other is a powerful feeling. The emotion of love is not reciprocated love says her non-refundable. This loving family members, friends and lovers are found between. Mutual relationship with two men strong, is deep and close cooperation. Estimated this relationship, solidarity, regular business interactions or social reasons . The social, cultural and other factors affected. This passage family, kinship, friendship, marriage, colleagues, work, neighbors, and varies according to the temple-mosque. By law or custom, and can be regulated by mutual agreement. This is the basis of social groups and societies.
Many are the basis of love
•    Biological Basis
Biological models of love in sex, like hunger and thirst are shown. Helen Fisher, a leading expert on love. They are divided into three parts experience of love: lust, attraction and attachment. Lust of sexual desire. Romanian-attraction that determines what you attract in your partner. Live at home divides the attachment, parental duty, a sense of mutual defense and security features.
Lust is the initial passionate sexual desire that promotes mating. These encounters, and promotes the release of chemicals. Its influence is confined to a few weeks or months. A personal and romantic attraction to people who have the same desire, lust occurs. It increases a person's commitment. As men fall in love, the release of chemicals in the brain happen. Stimulates the pleasure center of the brain in humans. Due to increased heart beats, do not feel hungry, can not sleep and is excite intense feeling of euphoria. This attachment, which is an increase of attachment relationships for years. Indulgence depends on the commitment of marriage, children or friendship.
•    Psychological Foundations
Cognitive psychology and social event is depicted. The triangular theory of love, psychologist Robert Sternberg are formulated. He argued that the components of the three different types of love: intimacy, commitment and passion. That element of subjectivity in which two men and their confidence to share personal details of your life. It is mostly found in friendships and romantic work.
Commitment is an expectation that this relationship will continue forever. Why is sexual attraction and passion. Passionate love, romantic love and attachment is shown. These components are a combination of all forms of love.  Affinity. Infatuated love may involve only passion. . Both intimacy and passion are involved in romantic love. Affinity partner in love and commitment are included. Love, commitment and passion are fatuous. Finally, the consummate love involves all three.
•    Evolutionary basis
Evolutionary psychologists love to prove a key means of survival for many reasons are given. parental help them in their lifetime, according to the man than other mammals live up to preach love because parental support system are also considered. It could also be because, since love is the sexually transmitted disease because of which can have an effect on human fertility, might hurt the fetus, birth time may also have implications on. Knowing these things can break liturgies of polygamy in society

Face masks for glowing clear SKIN

The advantages of flour, gram flour face pack on the skin and using masks you can make it bright and blonde. Even if your skin is dry or oily, so if you do not take care of it the right way, does not shine. There are many properties in gram flour and glow to the skin comes from its use. Gram flour is not new to skin care because our ancestors to keep your skin beautiful flour was used. Face packs of flour will help you face the frozen layer can also remove toxins. Beauty shops than products made from gram flour to meet face pack prove economical. Because it is used in most Indian chefs, it is readily available to everyone. Face masks in Gram flour you can create a combined product that will benefit your skin best.

In what can be called gram flour used in the kitchen is very clean and sparkling as well as get the skin is a very old method.
What kind of flour without any hesitation on the skin, whether oily skin can use, dry skin or sensitive skin. Tan gram and helps remove dead skin and also provides full skin radiant. Skin whitening as well as flour removes many problems. It fixes the scorched skin. Acne, nail and skin is black is the best treatment for the flour.
It is easy to find and is affordable. Gram flour is alkaline acid can be made by mixing yoghurt. According to your skin, use face packs.

Facials for oily skin pack of gram flour (Gram flour Packs to treat oily skin)
Freedom from oily skin, remove excess oil from the skin-pores caused by the properties of flour can be used in many ways the face pack.

Materials and Method
    2 teaspoons flour
    A few drops of rose water

Flour mixed with rose water and apply on the face and neck. 15 minutes rinse with warm water after drying. This mixture can also be used in the yogurt mix. Measures oily skin, this simple and homely face pack and freshen the skin is clear.

For dry skin, facial packs of flour (Gram flour Packs to treat dry skin)

    Coming home with flowers Face Pack

Dry skin, oily skin is not limited to only the miraculous properties of flour, but also the effect on dry skin is magic. Just a few simple ingredients need to be mixed C. Dry skin is cleaned with flour because it removes dirt and dust stretching

Materials and Method
    1 tsp milk
    1 teaspoon honey
    ½ tsp turmeric powder

Flour, milk, honey and turmeric powder and make a paste with no lumps. Leave it on the face for 15 minutes. After absorption of skin proteins and lightly rinse with water dry general. Measure dry skin, mix the honey and milk is made from the skin moist and shiny it is.

To remove acne facials pack flour (Gram flour Packs to treat acne prone skin)
Treatment of acne, nail and natural way flour fights acne. See below for how to create and apply the paste.

Materials and Method
    Basil leaves domestic face pack
    2 teaspoons flour
    A teaspoon of honey.
    A teaspoon of sandalwood powder
    A few drops of rose water.
    A pinch of turmeric powder

Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl with cold water and apply on face wash face. Acne treatment, after having spent 15 minutes rinse with warm water. This pack is very effective on acne. For better results, use 3 times a week.

Gram flour Packs for blemishes and open pores

Treating aging skin with pigmentation Finelines and open holes Rome is a common problem in women. Rosary and uneven skin tone due to their ends. It appears much older. The pack is used to correct the problem can be found.

Materials and Method
    3 teaspoons flour
    3 teaspoons of cucumber paste

Cucumbers in a bowl with the flour paste powder mix well. Now face masks as they dry after 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. Then face dry cotton cloth lightly. Freckled methods to overcome, acne are away from using it at certain intervals.

    Domestic sandal face pack

Body skin care from gram flour (Gram flour care to treat tanned skin)
Tanning in the sun for too long often leads to problems. Tanning flour removes very easily. Of the following methods you can succeed in removing ..

Materials and Method

    2 tablespoons flour
    A pinch of turmeric powder
    4-5 drops of rose water
    A few drops of lemon juice

Flour, lemon extract, rose water, and turmeric powder in a bowl and mix the paste on the face and neck. 20 minutes will get better results by washing with warm water.

Almonds and gram flour mask (Almond and Gram flour mask)

Almonds and flour your skin by applying natural Face Mask will be quite bright and attractive. Take the mask to create 4 almonds and grinding to make good with the help of these grinders. The almond paste into a small pot and pour half of the lemon juice and add half a gram. All these substances mix with a spoon or fork and on the face. Keep the mask on the face for 30 minutes. Then wash your face with plain water. So you will get the best of bright skin with bleaching effect.
Yogurt and gram (Curd with Gram flour)

Take a cup of yogurt and insert it into a glass vessel in which you usually make a face pack. Now add a teaspoon of gram flour and mix with a spoon or spatula to mix well with the help of. Now this paste and apply it on your face. Then the front of the pack allow nutrients in your face. Follow this method three times a day so that your face glow, the sun bright light, dust and pollution is lost, to come back on your face.
Combine flour and fenugreek (Fenugreek seeds with Gram flour)

    4 Face packs are made of sandal wood

Soak a handful of fenugreek in water first and put in the grinder to make the paste. Take this paste and 2 tablespoons flour in a pot and add a tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix products in it and then put it on your face to the mix. After applying it slowly with the help of fingers up your nose, forehead and other parts of the skin and keep on. This scrub face complete removal of blackheads and skin Waitheds proves quite effective.

Tomatoes and Gram flour (Tomato and) Gram flour

Tomatoes to remove the skin dark tan is completely lifeless and dull skin tone and brightness to bring the best is also well known. If the tomato juice, flour combined effect is multiplied. The materials you need to make the pack, they have a ripe tomato, a teaspoon lemon juice and 1 tablespoon flour. Its used by tomato pulp extract, especially the part which is full of juice. Keep in mind that the tomatoes, remove the seeds. Now take a small pot of tomato pulp and mix with flour. Now, add the lemon and mix together all these substances. After making a fine pulp and keep it firmly on the face of it. Keep the pack on the face for about 20 minutes and then remove it once dried. Natural bleaching properties of lemon, so it is quite easy to get fair skin with the help.

Orange peel and flour (Orange peel with Gram flour)

If your skin is oily oil control tone is quite necessary. Orange peel gram flour and powder are able to make your skin shiny and attractive. This pack has materials needed to build half a teaspoon of orange peels powder, milk, a pinch of turmeric, 1 tablespoon flour and a teaspoon of honey.

Take all of the above materials into a container and mix well. Find it on your skin and wash it after 20 minutes. Then you feel yourself the difference in the hair.

How to increase the beauty of the lips

"Multiply healthy lips is the charm of the beauty of the face . The cracked, rough and dry and flaky lips affect your heart .From the lips of rose petals from the beginning has been .Poets eyes and hair as well as the beauty of the lips is also etched in his compositions . Too often, the eyes were not on whether the mascara, lipstick on the lips daintily engaged gives the appealing look .Different shades of lipstick is available in the market at the moment . lips beauty care of the lips, along with the equally important . Scrubbing , Scrubbing of body as well as the lips are also very important, which will be healthy and beautiful lips  "

What to do
Stay healthy lips at night before going to bed for it and vitamin E may put petroleum jelly . Refer to it throughout the night by locking .Lips are not dry and the moisture is retained .If you wake and soft pink lips that appear to increase your charm.

during work
When you work in air-conditioned office environments with air conditioning during the cool breezes that provides relief from the heat on the moisture of the lips that steals the heart of the lips so that the lips required for it to maintain adequate . Because our lips can not generate their own moisture, so it is necessary to put these on a thick coat of lip barm.. Of moisture and the like, so that the lip balm Nature's Aesens can also use

SPF is also necessary
Remember, only your face and body, but it does not require SPF sunscreen, ie a sensitive part of your face, lips, and it is important to note . If you have to leave for work in the sun or in spots and play in the sun. Whatever the reason, Shiny and glossy lips on you should keep in mind the full protection of the lips .Harsh effects of the sun can not affect their beauty .Vaseline Lip Therapy with the course, keep the lips of moisture .

Using Natural Lip Scrub 
At least twice a week scrubbing must lips .Dead skin so that the exit .It also increases blood circulation . 5 or 6 drops of olive oil to scrub away and mix a tablespoon of sugar, wash well again then Find Healing Balm lip butter or your choice . Vaseline to keep the baby toothbrush, and lightly the lip . You can do this every day.

Learn It
Lipstick and lip gloss, lip colors are made from all-synthetic Ingredients . Use a little more but you have to take care that any Ingredient does not affect your delicate lips, as it will damage the skin, but it can not ignore the effects are Invisible, so lips softness to continue scrubbing is needed .To remove the dead skin of the lips and make them look beautiful.

Please scrubbing
Coconut or olive oil offers natural, mix two tablespoon brown sugar 1 tsp honey Mix it. . These Ingredients’ good mix .Granid paste it to make it a good scrub for lips it is . Its use will look smooth lips .
"To maintain the beauty of the lips is very important to the scrubbing Lip .Keep the lip bloom like the petals.The leaves of roses you can use to scrub by Skrabig lips | Some of rose petals to make it at home a little soak in raw milk . Then make a paste .Now a few drops of honey and mix Glycerin .The paste prepared by the lips, leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with plain water and scrubbing with soft hands. The dead skin will be removed and the lips remain pink lips ."

How (How Do This)
Be sure to store it in a jar ready to scrub and use a week .Find it on the lips and gently rub .Then be sure to wash with warm water .It also exfoliate lips and dead skin will also be free. It will soft lips. Apply petroleum jelly to the scrub
Coconut oil provides a soft look, as well as effects Suding . Brown sugar and honey is a good exfoliator skin is well moisture| Making your lips look beautiful and appealing, hence this sensitive part of your continued sensitivity

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